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    Best marketing solutions, 100% DFY, with the strongest USP in the market and 50%-80% profit margins.

    Provide, Google & Facebook Advertising, Pay Per Result SEO, Social Marketing, Email Marketing, Site conversions, Client communication, Online presence & website creation, Reputation management & retention, Accessibility, eCommerce, And anything else that clients need.

    Pay Per Result SEO by Umbrella

    Pay Per Result SEO

    Imagine saying to a prospect – “We’ll get you on the 1st page of Google, for search-terms you choose, or you don’t pay a dime!”

    Using innovative technology and 16 years of SEO hands-on experience, Umbrella empowers our members provide Pay Per Result Page #1 ranking SEO service.

    The work is done for you while you make 60%-80% margins. We rank 90% of clients within 90 days. 100% white-hat SEO, professional and effective.

    We are so good at what we do, we have no problem guaranteeing it!

    White label Facebook Advertising by Umbrella

    Facebook Advertising

    Facebook is the best advertising platform in the world, second maybe only to Google.

    With Umbrella you can provide all types of Facebook Advertising campaigns(reach, clicks, leads) for almost any budget, while you keep 40% of any budget you sell. I.e. Sell a $1,000 campaign, keep $400.

    Our award winning fulfilment vendors runs 5,000 small Facebook campaigns every month!

    Start selling Facebook Advertising today.

    Pay Per Revenue Marketing

    Imagine saying to a prospect “We’ll advertise you for free on leading websites, and you only pay us a small commission, when we generate a sale for you”.

    Using the powerful CardLinx technology, we can track online promotion to offline sales, and using our vendors 100M users strong ad-network, we can offer Pay Per Revenue marketing without any cost to you, our agency member.

    Start providing free-advertising and make a cut on every sale it generates.

    Conversational texting by Umbrella

    Conversational Texting

    Consumers want to text with businesses. 50% of consumers try to text back a missed call from a business, and texting from businesses has a 95% open rate (much better than any other channel).

    However, many businesses main line is a land-line, and they dread replacing it, or managing text communication via their mobile phone.

    But what if you could Text Enable Any Landline in 24 hours? Transforming a regular line into a conversation texting platform. All service businesses need this solution, it increases conversions on inbound leads and when communication with existing clients, and it provides for our members ongoing recurring income that grows all the time.

    Google Advertising

    Google is the worlds biggest advertising network. Google ads meet people’s demands when they search, which means it generates high-intent, high-quality visitors for your clients.

    Using Umbrella, our members can sell all types of Google Advertising campaigns, including Pay-Per-Click, Local Service Ads, Click to call, Google Shopping Ads, etc.

    Get your Google ads done by PROS, and focus on building your business.

    Winning Website

    Websites are important for any business, and a high-margin solution for marketing agencies to sell.

    We’ve built thousands of websites, and can handle all platforms (Wix, WordPress, Mono Solutions, etc.) as well as build eCommerce websites (WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.).

    We have the best prices, e.g. a 3-5 pages local business site, including design, build and content would cost you about $150-$200 and you will sell for $1,000+.

    Start selling Websites fulfilled by Umbrella and have the time to build your business

    Email Marketing

    Email a list of 150M opt-in records with 700 targeting parameters. For example if your client is a car dealership you can target all car owners, of a specific model, of a specific year(s) who live in certain radius from your dealership – boom!

    Email delivery, design and reporting done for you! all you need to do is choose your budget and targeting.

    Wholesale prices run between $9-$13 CPM, depending on the volume you send.

    Review Generation & Reputation Management

    Reviews are the #1 parameters consumers use to decide if to engage a business or buy a product.
    Every business, regardless of niche and size, must invest in top-ranking review generation.

    Umbrella empowers our members to offer the a leading Review Generation solution, allowing automated review requests, integration with any CRM, review submission on all review sites, team review management and scoring, which allows you to make 50%+ margin on monthly recurring fees.

    AI Chatbots

    Before you send traffic to your client’s website or Facebook page, it should have a converting funnel. To convert visitors to leads and leads to sales.

    Our AI Chatbots, which include NLP and integrates with any system, can be your clients’ 24/7 Live Sales Rep and Support.

    Our Bots are so strong we guarantee to 2x-4x the client’s conversion in the fist 30 days or they don’t pay.

    Business & Voice
    Search Listing

    Most businesses get 2x-5x more views on their Google-My-Business card, Yelp or other online listings then they get on their website. Moreover, with voice search becoming more and more in use, it is critical for any business to be listed on services like Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana or Siri.

    Umbrella enables our members to sell the LEADING Business-Listing solution on the market with 50%+ profit margins.

    Website Accessability

    The United States supreme court ruled that all websites must be ADA compliance. ADA being the Americans with Disabilities Act governing the regulations for disabled accessibility.

    Not only is it now the law, it is a way to reach and convert 15% of the American public suffering from hearing, sight or motor disabilities.

    Umbrella empowers our members to sell Website Accessibility automated and manual remediation. Helping their clients become ADA compliant, increasing their conversions and making the web equal to all.

    Small Business Financing by Umbrella

    Financing Solutions

    Provide $500K in UNSECURED and SECURED financing to small businesses.
    Help your clients buy inventory, equipment, hire employees, acquire a competitor’s asset, or pay for a strategic marketing program to increase sales.

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