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Growing your marketing business is much easier when we get you clients.

Quality Appointments for Agencies

To help you win clients, we need to help you create rapport, build trust, have a relationship, so the client will follow your direction. So what does it men to provide quality leads & appointments for marketing agencies?

  • You will have 40min (or longer) discovery call with a decision maker
  • The prospect will be open and earnest allowing you to create rapport
  • You will come to the call already positioned as an expert by our team
  • The call script has built in “traps” to help you with creating rapport and sales
  • You will provide REAL VALUE to create trust and rapport (we deliver for you)
  • The conversation is 100% exclusive and fresh
  • We make sure the process to be as hassle free for you as possible.
  • Bottom line – you focus on consulting, Umbrella does everything else.

Lead info + Discovery & competition Report

In addition to generating quality appointments for you, you’ll also be getting an Robust Discovery <br> Report, to help you manage a smart conversation as well as be positioned as pro and provide more value.

Quality Appointment

  • Quality Lead Info
  • 40min or more meeting
  • Full client discovery call
  • Exclusive & fresh
  • Expert positioning
  • Add value DFY

Insane Demand gen report


What if you get a lead, but you can’t take it?

The power of the NETWORK to rescue! If you can’t take the lead, no worries, it will PASS it to another member via our lead system, and we’ll send you new ones.

This way you don’t pay for leads you can’t engage with!


How does appointments setting works?

  • You will be connected to our prospecting system and will be give a tracking phone number
  • You will be send text and email notifications (leads) of potential customers who want to meet with you with all their contact details
  • You will follow-up to book a time with them for a call.
  • If the lead is bad, i.e. doesn’t reply to doesn’t show-up to the call we will replace it.

Scaling Leads & Appointments= Scaling Sales

Do you want to scale We got your back! We’ll get your more leads and appointments so you can close 3, 5, 10 and more every week!


Dedicated Appointment Setters


Once you reach a certain volume, or if you have specific requirements in your sales funnel, a Dedicated Appointment Setter is the best option.

With a Dedicated Appointment Setter, you have more control on opening, qualifying and closing stages, as well enjoying lower cost per lead.

Umbrella provides, highly trained, marketing-service focused, Dedicated Appointment Setters for marketing agencies.

Contact us today to learn what is the best client-getting solution for you.

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